The Black Coats Want You.

Wow. This book had so many twists and turns and the characters were so complex! Though Colleen Oaks wrote The Black Coats before the #metoo movement began, her book is all about a girl who, because of her cousin’s unsolved murder, joins a secret society of women who pride themselves in turning the tables on men who have hurt women. Things get hairy when this society’s hunger for vengeance make her wonder if her pursuit of justice at all costs is worth it.

This is one thrilling YA book with twists and turns that kept me glued to the pages, wanting to see where the plot would lead. The characters are well-developed, and the pace of the book was right for me. This book had me thinking about the pain that so many women have experienced and the lack of justice that makes vengeance look like a better alternative.

My favourite character was Bea because she had a perfect blend of gracefulness and craftiness. She showed how a person can be both good and evil, and use their gifts and talents for both good and evil purposes. My favourite scene was when Bea used her gift to finally do good. She’s totally unassuming and that’s what makes her so badass!    Continue reading →

Three Ways to Read Books Faster

Perhaps you wonder how some people get through their TBR so fast. I’ll share what works for me, and maybe it’ll work for you, too.

For digital books:

Enlarge the text

If you have a Kindle or other e-reader, it helps to enlarge the text so you have fewer words to read at a time. I’d say increase the size to at least 18 pt. What this does is help you actually get through a section of a page quicker.    Continue reading →

Witchy Books of October

Autumn is my favourite season, and to welcome October, I’m picking up where I left off with my witchy books!

Solitary Witch by Silver Ravenwolf has been on my shelf for over a year, and I’m determined to dig deeper into it this time. Ever since I was a child, I’ve had an affinity for pagan paths, and this book has plenty of info to help me understand myself better as a pagan.    Continue reading →

A Thousand Words

I did a thing! I actually wrote a thousand words of fiction! That’s quite an accomplishment for me these days. Read them here.

What you’ll find in this post are six flash fiction stories that give a glimpse into the everyday lives of people in America. These stories may come across as cryptic. I’d love to know how you interpret each story. Let me know!

Hearts Line Divider    Continue reading →

National Coffee Day

How do you like your coffee?

Most days I treat myself to my usual grande hot no whip white chocolate mocha. It’s so therapeutic.

So far I’ve had two cups of coffee today, and my second was better than the first. The first cup had a lot of filmy coffee sticking to the inside of the cup. I figured out what the problem was. From now on I need to add creamer to my instant coffee before adding hot water instead of adding it after I pour the water. No film is good.    Continue reading →

Popular Books I Find Positively Boring

There are books I’ve tried to read that others love, and I just couldn’t get into them. I have my reasons, and I’ll list them below. Maybe you’ll be able to relate!

The Peter Principle: Why Things Always Go Wrong by Laurence J. Peter

This book was a #1 New York Times bestseller about why people reach their highest level of incompetence after being promoted on the job. I lost interest because the answers in the book were obvious to me, and the book was written during a time when the gig economy was unheard of. Also, Laurence’s voice was just–uninteresting. He used third-person singular to create scenarios that illustrated one professional failure after another. Had Laurence Peter written this book in second person singular, the book would have been more engaging. I think he intended to add humor to the stories as well, but it just didn’t work for me.    Continue reading →

Autumn Reads

It’s my favourite season, when the weather is near perfect (at least in my area) and I’m more likely to read more books!

I have to admit, the summer heat does make it difficult for me to focus on reading.

So I’m relieved that the weather is cooling down because getting comfy and cozy with a warm cuppa coffee and a book is my jam.    Continue reading →

Reading to Escape Everything

Okay. If you feel ashamed at all because you read to escape life, then you have my permission to read all damn day and night. We live in harrowing times. You need a break, and perhaps an even longer break from this living nightmare in the states. I dare not say the states are united at the time of this posting. And if you’re not in the states, lucky you, and I’m sure you’ve got some challenge in life that you’d like to make disappear.

Pick up a book and let your mind engage a new community. Let your imagination put form to the settings and characters in books. It’s amazing when you’re connected to the mind of a fellow human because of a book–a book they wrote. Equally amazing is when you write something and share it with the world with no expectations, and folks from all over like it, love it, and share it.

I read to take my mind off reality, and plus, reading is the healthiest way to escape, if you ask me. I also read to connect to other humans from all over the globe. And as far as I can tell, conscious thought is the one thing that no other species experiences. So I’m going to enjoy this conscious life.    Continue reading →

Jane Austen is on my September TBR!

So… I have a confession to make.

I’ve never read any of Jane Austen’s novels.

They are considered classics, and I want to know why people rave about these books. I’ve already started reading Lady Susan, and I have to say I LOVE Jane’s writing style. It’s been a long time since I’ve read what I’d call heady (not heavy) English. People just don’t write like that anymore. People write quite plainly in this day and age, so it’s refreshing to read what a lot of people would call fancy schmancy English.    Continue reading →

How Books Got Me Out of Depression

I want to say at the outset that I am not a therapist, and what I share here is not psychological advice. I’m not advocating that people replace therapy and medication with books. I’m sharing my own experience and opinions with the hope that this content will have a positive impact on someone somewhere.

My Story

I’ve had depression for quite some time. It’s situational depression due to the passing of a loved one and also due to how the world has changed over the past two decades. I had to decide how to process everything, and I went into sheer survival mode. For a long time, I was satisfied with simply subsisting. Then I started to believe that was as far as I could get in life. I was on a hamster wheel of working, eating, showering, and sleeping. I had no personality and no desire to explore life. Then I stumbled upon Vicki Jones and Claire Hackney. They’ve devoted their YouTube channel to showing viewers how they are overcoming depression by doing what’s on their bucket list. Their debut novel, Meet Me at 10, is a product of their victory over depression. That intrigued me so much that I downloaded the book to my Kindle and started to read it. I assumed that, like other books, I’d just get tired of reading and forget about it.    Continue reading →

Calculated Magic – Stories of Lorst

Suzanna Linton has written a beautiful drama with a stunning cover!

For a 51-page book, there are a lot of twists and turns as the story unfolds. The characters are colorful and the plot moves at a reasonable pace. It’s about the adventures of a wizard and his apprentice and their determination to save a special flying creature. There’s a fair amount of suspense that kept my attention, and the dialogue between the characters often created even more suspense. I appreciate a book with a steady moving plot.

Linton’s world-building ability is amazing. She describes every element, from the movement of clothing to the spark of magic in the wizard’s mind, in precise detail. I could clearly place myself in each scene as the settings unfolded in chronological order.    Continue reading →