Jane Austen is on my September TBR!


So… I have a confession to make.

I’ve never read any of Jane Austen’s novels.

They are considered classics, and I want to know why people rave about these books. I’ve already started reading Lady Susan, and I have to say I LOVE Jane’s writing style. It’s been a long time since I’ve read what I’d call heady (not heavy) English. People just don’t write like that anymore. People write quite plainly in this day and age, so it’s refreshing to read what a lot of people would call fancy schmancy English.


One thing I do have to point out is that Austen’s work has been falsely associated with white culture. This association lends itself to the idea that only white people can truly have command of the English language, thus being the intelligent ones. [insert eyeroll]

So if you haven’t read these novels yet, then when you do, keep in mind that there’s a considerable faction of white America that has co-opted Austen’s work and interprets it through a racist lens. Don’t let this deter you from her novels!

I’m finally ready to read her novels without the weight of feeling like I’m being subjected to whitewashed literature. Hopefully this will be time well-spent. I’ll blog updates as my reading progresses!

In the meantime I’d love to know your impressions of Jane Austen’s novels!



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