Autumn Reads


It’s my favourite season, when the weather is near perfect (at least in my area) and I’m more likely to read more books!

I have to admit, the summer heat does make it difficult for me to focus on reading.

So I’m relieved that the weather is cooling down because getting comfy and cozy with a warm cuppa coffee and a book is my jam.

So here are three books that I’m interested in reading for autumn.

The Black Coats by Colleen Oakes

This book is about women who seek revenge against men to teach them life lessons about how to treat women. But the question throughout the book is–is seeking this revenge really worth it?

I’ve begun reading this book, and so far I am into it. I like the way the plot is unfolding. I’ll do a review in the near future.

Clara by Suzanna J. Linton

This book is the companion to Calculated Magic: Stories of Lorst and the first book in the series. I love the author voice in this series so far, and am looking forward to reading this one!

A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness

I started reading this book last year and didn’t finish it because I let myself get distracted by stuff. I’m determined to finish this book.


So that’s a wrap!

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