National Coffee Day


How do you like your coffee?

Most days I treat myself to my usual grande hot no whip white chocolate mocha. It’s so therapeutic.

So far I’ve had two cups of coffee today, and my second was better than the first. The first cup had a lot of filmy coffee sticking to the inside of the cup. I figured out what the problem was. From now on I need to add creamer to my instant coffee before adding hot water instead of adding it after I pour the water. No film is good.

Everyone has their way of preparing coffee. I am not all that interested in the making of it, as long as it’s super sweet. Having said that, I have become quite picky about where I buy coffee. I do not buy coffee from convenience stores because the health and safety standards of such places tend to be lower than a higher end coffee shop. So what do I buy?

Folgers instant coffee. The kind with the packets of coffee crystals. All I have to do is boil water, and voila! My coffee is ready.


Happy National Coffee Day!

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